“The services offered by Terrain360 are innovative and extremely practical. The work done is accurate, fast and of high quality; the customer service is exceptional. I highly recommend Terrain360 for all your satellite imagery needs, virtual tours, interactive maps and GPS coordinates. As a real estate broker who sells lots of lots and lots, I can assure you that Terrain360 has allowed me to elevate my service to a higher level, both to my land sellers and buyers. The terrain representation is clear and the interactive map tool is intuitive and easy to understand. Terrain360 is now a must for me!”

Simon Lacasse, Real estate agent

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"Good fast & professional service received from TERRAIN 360! I recommend it!"

Louise-Hélène Delorme, Real estate agent


"I used the services of Terrain360 and I recommend it now to all my clients, they are pros, they give impeccable service and above all they are fast."

Marc Tardif, Real estate agent

"I would like to thank Pierre-Olivier for his professionalism in my first purchase of satellite imagery and interactive cartography. I had several questions and Pierre-Olivier took the time to answer all my questions and my calls. The imaging and mapping service is a great tool for me and the customers (this allows the future buyer to see the boundaries of the field). I do not hesitate to recommend this service."

Marc Tardif, Real estate agent

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"I am very satisfied with the service offered by Terrain 360. The aerial view of a property makes it possible to clearly visualize the extent of the land, the surrounding roads and the water bodies. In fact, two days after the photos were posted on my website, a buyer was contacting me to write a promise to purchase. It is an essential and effective work tool."

Claude Huart, Real estate agent

"The availability of services was fast and courteous. The price is justified for the time saved and the added value of the marketing obtained. I will not hesitate to call on your services again."

Daniel Blondin, Real estate agent