The company was created in February 2019. Our team is composed of graphic designers, drone pilots, engineer analysts, certified surveyors but especially people passionate about the land, land and beautiful landscapes found here in Quebec.


The original Terrain360 ideology was to produce content viewed from the air to maximize the information received and perceived by the visitor / buyer looking to acquire a part of the territory across the province.


Our customers asked us if we were able to offer new services they had in mind but could not find any specialized company in the field. Gradually we have evolved, walked and progressed to offer a range of comprehensive services tailored to everyone.


Terrain360 will stop at nothing and continued to stand out by accepting all the challenges that arise. We will be pleased to find methods and new ideas for your business with you so that you benefit from the best of our team.


Explain what you have in mind and we will be pleased to find common ground for progress.